One third of adult Americans are obese.  One sixth of our children are too.
Two thirds of adult Americans are overweight or obese.
The medical spending on overweight and obese people is excessive.


The quality adjusted remaining years of an older, obese person is much lower than that of a relatively fit younger person.  It is time we raise up and allocate an appropriate amount of health care to our disadvantaged but otherwise deserving population.

QARY.ORG is a grass roots organization to help communities to organize and get what is rightfully theirs!


This is just the start.  Watch us grow!!



A quality-adjusted life year (QALY) is a measure of the value of life, including both the quality and the quantity of a life lived. It is used judiciously in assessing the value for money of a medical intervention. The QALY model is fair and requires independent, risk neutral, and constant proportional allocation of medical benefits.

QALY used for the distribution of healthcare resources eliminates unfair distinctions between enhancements and therapies in such calculations.

The QALY logically is based on the number of years of life, quality years of living, that would be added by medical intervention. Each added year is assigned a value from 1.0 down to a value of 0.0 for death. Points are taken away from a year for conditions that would reduce the quality of life lived.

The QALY is use to calculate the ratio of cost to QALYs saved for a particular health care intervention, which is then used to allocate healthcare resources appropriately and fairly. QALYs would allocate heath care recourses where they can best be applied and away from areas where inappropriate care should not be misapplied to certain people in favor of others.  Deserving persons receive treatment when cost of an intervention is more than justified by the benefit to their quality of life, but since health care resources are inevitably limited, QALY enables these to be best allocated to where they provide the most benefit to the people in the community.